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The Renewed You Aesthetic Center Now Offers Crisalix 3D Imaging Solutions

Start your 3D consultation now with Dr. Rino Lorenzo, one of the cosmetic plastic
consultants at The Renewed You Aesthetic Center, a center for beauty and
wellness that aims to provide safe and quality results in plastic cosmetic
surgery. Dr Rino Lorenzo is a high level Plastic Surgeon in Manila, Philippines
who uses the unique Crisalix 3D solution to answer that essential question “How
might I look after the procedure?”. Upload 3 standard digital photos securely
online and Dr Lorenzo can show you your ‘new you’ in 3D.


«It’s like looking at yourself in a mirror! And then you look down and see yourself
already with your new breast!» – patients say, adding that it helps them make a
confident decision knowing and seeing the end result in advance before going
for the procedure.

Any decision to modify one’s physical appearance cannot be taken lightly and it is
therefore logical for any patient to have doubts on what and how they would
want to change. Until now patients could only see pictures of other people,
photoshopped 2D pictures of themselves and sometimes sizers for implants,
though patients were never able to compare their own before and after before it
actually happens.


With Crisalix doubts are from the past. By interacting with their own 3D image and
selecting different simulations, patients can better express their wishes while
Doctors can better understand the patient need and explain the possible
outсome. By combining advanced medical research and state-of-the-art
information technology it is now possible to optimise the level of care and
treatment patients deserve.

How does it work?

By connecting to their Crisalix app and using a 3D portable
sensor doctors can create a 3D model of patient’s face and body. Doctors can
then simulate the desired change live through a connected VR application
allowing patients to discover their new body or face in a fully immersive

To support the patient in her decision and selection process, Dr Rino Lorenzo can provide them with a remote access allowing them to review their 3D imaging with their friends and family

This breakthrough technology, now offered by The Renewed You Aesthetic Center , has scientifically proven increasing substantially patient education, understanding and interaction, to further optimise post-procedure satisfaction.

Click here for to request a consultation.


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