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Facelift – Pre and Post Operative Surgery Tips

Pre-Operative Surgery Tips

For those who have decided to undergo a facelift in the Philippines , there are many things to do before the surgery to make sure or to have a smooth and effective surgery and recovery period. Here are some things to do or to keep in mind before surgery day draws close.

face lift in the philippines
It is very important to have consultation, this may take one or more visit depending on patient’s concerns. Its prudent to ask questions to your surgeon during this time so that you may know all your options and also to be able to know thoroughly what to expect before and after surgery. The surgeon will most likely have you undergo diagnostic test to determine your current general health and well being and if you’re a physically qualified to undergo the procedure. It is also important to inform the surgeon of any medicines you are presently taking or any allergies as this may affect the result and safety of the procedure and recovery period. This would also be an excellent time to ask the surgeon of any questions and doubts concerning the procedure.

Subsequently, your Filipino plastic surgeon will offer pre-operative instruction on what to do and complete before the surgery like fasting and body bath in the morning of surgery. It is crucial to adhere to these instructions down to the last detail and towards the final letter to avoid any complications and risks. It is important to stop taking blood-thinning medicines as this may incrust the risk of excessive bleeding during surgery and may lead to infection and delay healing.

Next, it would be best to quit smoking a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks prior to the surgery. Smoking will hamper the healing process or  wound healing.

Lastly, it is best to prepare the house to get a comfortable recovery period. It is best to clean the bedroom and position important items within reach such as medical supplies and medications. However will be best to ask relative or have a private nurse to assist you with your needs during early recuperation. Therefore, it would be best to buy medical supplies in advance. It is best to prepare and store up food within the freezer which can effortlessly be heated and saves the difficulty of food preparation.Undergoing facelift is indeed a major decision and thorough  preparation ought to be done to ensure a seamless operation and recovery.

Post-Surgery Suggestions

Facelift is among the leading 10 surgical procedures carried out within the United States of America. Increasingly more people desire to have a youthful look and determine to undergo this cosmetic process. For those who have decided to undergo this surgery, right here are some post-surgery tips for facelift.

After the surgery, it ought to be expected that the patient will experience some swelling, discomfort, pain and bruising. It is best to possess or buy necessary pain medicines prior to surgery and have it on hand. Bruising usually transient and goes away on its own following a week or two. Swelling may be controlled and lessened by applying cold compress on the surgical site for 20 minutes every hour. Nevertheless, it should to be remembered not to put ice directly on the wound, rather wrap it inside a clean soft plastic bag and wrap it around a clean cloth or towel. Additionally, it best to sleep in an elevated head position to reduce swelling. Patients are advise to rest for 2 to 3 days with head above chest level and with two pillow at bedtime to help decrease swelling.

Throughout the recovery period, it is very best to wear button-down shirts so that it’s easier to wear and remove. Wearing shirts that go over the head could only be discomforting and may disrupt sutures or surgical staples and dressing, this may also affect the healing process.

Subsequently, proper wound care ought to be practiced to prevent infection and scarring. Once the sutures are removed, its best to apply topical antibiotic cream to lessen the risk of infection and protect scars from drying out. The patient ought to be as gentle as possible when cleaning the face, avoiding scratching or scrubbing, as this would only hamper the healing procedure.
Lastly, it is crucial to adhere to all post-operative guidelines given by the physician to make sure that there will be an uneventful recovery. However, the recovery period differs from patient to patient. Nevertheless, by following the above mentioned tips, one can speed up the healing and recovery process for a facelift.



Breast Augmentation – Breast Implant Procedure

nipple reduction

Breast augmentation, technically known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that enhances the size and shape of a woman’s breast with the use of breast implant (silicon or saline). The procedure also enhances breast contour and volume after pregnancy. Breast implant is composed of silicon gel or saline within a silicon shell. Breast implant is different from silicon oil. Most Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon all over the world doesn’t do silicon oil injection of breast to enhance breast size and volume. This technique is condemned both locally and internationally by most surgeon, since the result are unpredictable and compounded by numerous complications such as extrusion, skin necrosis and infection. Patients should not allow them self to be subjected to this procedure, because the risk for unwanted complication is very high and result are deforming or unpredictable. Most surgeon uses Breast Implant which is composed of material that is non toxic, non allergenic, non teratogenic and biocompatible to human tissues and thus have less risk for any unwanted results and with more predictable outcome.

This is one of the most common cosmetic procedures done world wide specially in the United State. It is a straight forward procedure with a very instantaneous and pleasing result. Because of this, the public’s attention and interest focused on the search of a very safe breast implant material. Breast Augmentation is the only procedure in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery specialty that is the surrounded by controversy and scrutiny. In the past, specially during the late 70’s and early 80’s a lot of medical condition such as breast cancer and autoimmune disease, was wrongfully associated with the use of silicon implant. Because of this the US Food and Drug Administration had regulated the use of silicon breast implant for cosmetic breast procedures until recently in mid 2007. After extensive clinical research study that included more than a thousand breast augmented women, it was found out that silicon breast implant does not cause any malignant disease or breast cancer or any autoimmune disorder. Because of this the US – FDA had approve the use of silicon implant in cosmetic breast procedure.

There are 2 basic types of breast implants, saline or silicon implants. The implant is compose of an outer membrane compose of silicon shell. This shell contains either saline (fluid) or silicon (cohesive gel) material. It is prudent for every patient to discus extensively the advantage and disadvantage of each implant type with their surgeon before they finalize their decision.

I perform my Breast Augmentation procedure under deep sedation with local anesthesia or general anesthesia. The procedure can be done either as an outpatient surgery or patient can be admitted or confine for a day or two in a hospital, depending on the surgeon and patient’s preference. Weather the procedure will be performed as an Out-Patient or as a Hospital procedure, preoperative laboratory and medical clearance is required. The surgery usually takes one to two hours to complete. The breast implant can be inserted through an incision at armpit or breast folds or at the areolar border. Each choice of incision site has its own advantage and disadvantage in terms of scar cosmesis and nipple sensation. And among the three incisions the transaxillary approach has the best scar cosmesis since it is concealed and nipple sensation is well preserve. But it is advisable to the patient to further discus this issue if ever scaring will be a significant concern. After the procedure there will be some swelling and mild bruising that last for several days to few weeks and this is only a transient changes. Patient is required to wear breast binder for 3 to 6 weeks. This will hold the breast implant in place during the healing process and also help control the swelling. Sutures are removed after 7 to 10 days.

Any patient planning to have this procedure will require 10 to 14 days for the initial consultation, laboratory, medical clearance, surgery; follow up, suture removal and early recuperation. After this patient is safe to travel since wounds are dry and healed.

Breast Lift, Your Surgical Answer for Drooping Breasts -Mastopexy

Women are often self-conscious about their own physical look and strive to remain young looking and stunning at the same time. A lot of women tend to have or develop some problem with sagging breasts particularly as they age. There are a lot of factors like pregnancy, breast feeding, obesity, and huge weight loss that can lead to sagging breasts. Mastopexy or commonly called braes lift is often the best solution for such problem of sagging or drooping breasts.

nipple reduction

Mastopexy or breast lift surgery, intended to make or re-contour your breast to look younger and fuller. As time passes, most of the physical characteristic that attributes a youthful breast changes due to cyclic hormonal changes or massive weight lost. This turn out to be lost of skin suppleness, shed or lost of elasticity, their firmness and their shape changes because of pregnancy, weight acquire with subsequent weight reduction, nursing or breast feeding. Breast lift is particularly is indicated to raise and reshape your falling breast. The only negative draw back that will have an impact to some patient will be the resulting scar or probably reduction of one’s areola around your nipple. The scar may be concealed around the areola, or it may extend vertically or my be as long as an inverted T scar the runs along the breast fold.

Mastopexy Philippines

Mastopexy, also referred to as breast lift, is a cosmetic surgical option, performed to raise and enhance the shape of the breasts. It’s often combined with breast augmentation with the use of silicon implant to give much more firmness and volume. The lost of volume comes following pregnancy and nursing. The skin of one’s breast stretched. All women can benefit from this breast surgery but the process and impact can last longer with smaller breasts than bigger ones.The process entails getting rid of excess skin and tightening the surrounding skin tissue to create firmer breasts. Throughout a breast lift surgery, the nipples and areolas are repositioned to generate a more youthful contour. Check out some realistic results breast lift before and after photo gallery here.

Sometimes, patient that needs breast lift surgery will also need silicon breast implant placement to enhance further the resulting breast volume and contour. But this is only done in patients with mild sagging breast tissue.

Breast Lift or Mastopexy can make you look and feel good, renew your self-confidence and increase your self-esteem. Breast lift can be performed as a standalone procedure or together with breast augmentation that is with an implant to restore the fullness the breasts.

Depending upon the degree of sagginess from the breast, various techniques are utilized for breast lift, which consist of concentric mastopexy, vertical mastopexy, and also anchor-shaped mastopexy. Concentric breast lift is ideal for those women with smaller breasts and minimal sagging. These with serious breast ptosis can benefit from vertical mastopexy, Anchor-shaped mastopexy is the most invasive, typical type of breast lift option, in which the incision is made along the lower fold of the breast.

Women of 18 years of age onwards, non-smokers, with excellent well-being are the best candidates for breast lift surgery. The procedure generally takes one to 3 along with a half hours to carry out, along with a general anesthesia is normally required. Prior to you commit to having this surgery, make certain that you are entrusting yourself to a surgeon who is well trained and professional. The option of cosmetic surgeon is important to think about carefully. Cosmetic surgery may be carried out by any licensed physician, but selecting a surgeon who has the specialized information and expertise for the process can have a greater percentage to yield the very best results. Lastly, It is very important to have a clear understanding with regards to the significant risks and consequences that may be associated using the mastopexy surgery.

To prepare patients for mastopexy plastic reconstructive surgery they need to avoid the following for 1 to 2 weeks; smoking, alcoholic beverages, aspirin, steroids, NSAIDs pain medications like mefenamic acids, Vit E supplements, herbal medications, blood thinning medications like coumadin and heparin, herbal tea, diet pills, oral contraceptives, regulated drugs like valium, prohibited drugs like methamphetamine and antipsychotic drugs like haloperidol…. These will make the procedure bloody and delay healing process. And when bleeding occurs, the risk for hematoma formation, infection, and capsular contracture increases.


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