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Tips In Preparing For A Breast Augmentation In The Philippines

The Philippines is considered to be one of leading cosmetic surgery hotspots in Asia. The quality of the service in terms of cosmetic surgery can be compared with the best in the world at a much cheaper price. The Philippine Board of Plastic Surgery (PBPS) is the organization that gives certifications to qualified cosmetic surgeons.  The best way in choosing a surgeon in the Philippines is if she or he is certified by the PBPS. The facilities and the clinic to be use in the procedure should also be certified by the Department of Health (DOH).

In terms of cosmetic surgery in the Philippines, Breast Augmentation is one of the in-demand procedures. Since any kind of medical operation has its risks and complications, breast augmentation is of no exception. Your safety is the most important factor to be considered that’s why you must never hesitate to ask your surgeon about the procedure details. Breast augmentation is also an important event in a woman’s life but you must not let stress come over you.

This article aims to provide you with some helpful tips that would help you make the most of your money and how to prepare and plan for your breast augmentation procedure in the Philippines.


If you are planning to have a breast augmentation procedure in the Philippines, it is very important to plan months ahead before your big day. Planning is very important because it prepares you for whatever you need and you will also be able to anticipate the things that you need to do.

Contact a Certified Surgeon

It is very vital to make sure first that the surgeon you have chosen is a certified cosmetic surgeon in the Philippines and is backed by experience. If you have already found one, contact him/her and arrange a consultation to make sure that your expectations will be met after the procedure. Never hesitate to contact your surgeon regularly whenever you have questions or concerns regarding the procedure. Consultation is very important because it is during this process that you are screened before undergoing the procedure to make sure that you are physically, emotionally and mentally stable during and after the surgery.

There are criteria to be a candidate for this procedure and also the corresponding complications and risks that‘s why it is advised that you must constantly talk to your plastic surgeon. If you have uncertainties, never hesitate to ask.

Make Early Arrangements

Before the big day, arrange everything you need like your recovery place whether it will be in the Philippines or at your home. It is also important to include how you plan to go in the location of the surgery. It is better to have someone drive you from the hospital or the clinic after the procedure. The most crucial part of the whole healing process is the first 24 hours after the procedure that’s why it is advisable that you have someone to assist you.

Pack-up Early

Think of having the procedure as having another baby. Your surgeon will provide you with a list of items that you should bring on the day of the procedure that’s why consulting with your plastic surgeon is crucial in the whole process. Generally, it should include paper works, medications and prescriptions. The early you packed the better.

Be Healthy and Prepare your Body

It is advised that you have to prepare for the procedure months before to have a fast recovery. Three days before the surgery, treat your body with a healthy diet and avoid smoking and alcohol. Also avoid vigorous exercises for they can lengthen your recovery period.

Minimize your Responsibilities

Usually surgeons will advice that you should take a rest immediately after your procedure. In this case, you should have extra food or water at home so that you won’t have to leave your house after your procedure. Lastly, if you have prescriptions, make sure that you have more of them to last during your entire rest period.

Don’t Forget Your Hygiene

The night before the procedure, usually your surgeon will give you an antimicrobial soap. Take a bath and wash the areas involved. After showering, please remember: DO NOT put on make-up, oils, creams, moisturizers and even deodorants.

Wear Proper Clothing

Wear loose clothes during your procedure, preferably clothes that can be open from the front. Also, slip-on and choose flats shoes. No one really looks good after any operation that’s why you must not worry much about how you will look immediately after the procedure.

All of these tips will prepare you and make you much more comfortable before, during and after the procedure. Aside from these things, there are still other ways of preparing for the procedure and you can always ask your surgeon about it. Always remember that it is important that you ask your surgeon any questions that you have in mind so that he can help you and in the end, you will have the result that you desire.




Ultimate Guide To Tummy Tuck Surgery – Abdominoplasty Surgery

Some people have problems concerning their tummy. Even if they tried strict diet and exercise they still don’t get the shape that they want. Undergoing a Tummy Tuck surgery is one of the best solutions to keep your tummy in flatter and firmer than you can ever imagine.

Tummy Tuck Surgery is the same as Abdominoplasty Surgery. It is a medical procedure that removes excess fatty tissues and skin, it also involves the abdomen which results to a smoother and firmer abdomen.

Abdominal and Skin Surgery results to:

• Reduction of fat under the skin

• Removal of excess abdominal skin

• Muscles are tightened in the wall of abdomen

This medical procedure is mostly taken by women who have just finished their pregnancy. They wanted to get back in-shape, posses a firmer, flatter tummy and to have a more youthful look.

We do NOT recommend this procedure to be a substitute for weight loss program. Instead, we advice our patients to take a weight management program to stay fit and maintain their newly firmed and flat tummy.

Effects of Undergoing Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty treatment provides lasting and significant results. This treatment efficiently removes protruding and sagging abdominal skin while the scar will fade from time to time. Patients will gain self-esteem and will confident in their appearance months after the treatment. It give them more freedom to choose and change what they want to wear without worrying about their appearance and shape from unsightly bulges. Continuing a daily exercise and healthy diet routine will help to benefit the patients in maintaining their tummy firmer and other benefits of abdominoplasty.

Candidates for Tummy Tuck Treatment

Men and women who want to remove their  excess fat and loose skin in their abdomen can really benefit in abdominosplasty. Before the doctors perform the procedure of this treatment, they first carefully consider the status, age, obesity and health lifestyle of the patient to evaluate if she is a good candidate.

People who are physically healthy are the best candidates for Abdominoplasty since they’d maintained a stable weight through their disciplined exercise and diet programs.

Those who are selected candidates for Abdominoplasty treatment are having one or more of the following conditions:

• An abdomen that protrudes and not in proportion to the other parts of the Body

• An abdominal muscles that have been separated and weakened by pregnancy or by weight gain

• Flabby abdominal skin

• An abdominal area that has excess fatty tissue

Uncandidates Persons for Abdominoplasty

• Chain Smokers

• Diabetic

• Uncontrolled Obese

For every woman who wants to take this procedure, they should kept in mind that they will not be pregnant again in the near future. Women that are still planning to get pregnant should delay taking this treatment for it will cause an abdominal stretching.

The ideal Abdominoplasty patient should not have any health issues and solely wants to remove the excess fat or loose abdominal skin. Patients will go into a supervised weight-loss plan to get the nearest target weight program before the operation.

Preoperative and post-operative photos are going to be taken on each patient who wishes to have an Abdominoplasty treatment. To prevent the infection, antibiotics will be prescribed. Patients should not take drugs with aspirin to avoid bleeding. It is also advice to have an antiseptic soap while taking a shower on the night or morning before the Abdominoplasty treatment.

Abdominoplasty Procedure

The procedure is done on an outpatient basis in a licensed surgical facility and by giving a general anesthesia. A tranquilizer could also be given in advance to make the patient relax. The procedure  normally takes not more than 3 hours to 4 hours, except if new supplementary procedure are intended in conjunction to this treatment.

Abdominoplasty is generally performed by making a gently-curved incision and extending it to a variable length between hip bones and to a private area of the body, which is also hidden while wearing a bikini swimwear. The length of incision curve depends on the quality of excess skin to be removed. A circular incision is created around the navel. The skin is lifted from the abdominal wall and elevated up to the ribs to expose the abdominal muscles. Separated muscles and suture tightened the loose and abdominal areas will also be repaired. It will give the patient a narrower waistline and a firmer abdominal wall.

After the Abdominoplasty treatment the skin will tighten all over the abdomen and the excess fat and skin will be trimmed and removed. The navel is placed back through a new incision in the abdominal skin of the patient. During the procedure, the existing stretch marks from the surgery in the lower abdomen will be remove and the remaining stretch marks will be flatten and improved. The incision is closed with hidden sutures and surgical tape. A firm elastic bandage or a surgical strap is applied to the area to prevent the bruising and swelling.

After the Abdominoplasty treatment patient is advised to spend a night in the facility or they can go home under the private care of a nurse or with a responsible caregiver.

Two Kinds of Partial Abdominoplasty

This two procedures are reserved for patients who have minimal loose skin and excess fat deposit which are primarily located below the umbilicus.

a. Lower Body Lift or Belt Lipectomy

This treatment procedure works to improve the patients who are having lax skin on the flanks and hips in addition to the abdomen.

b. Suction Lipectomy (Liposuction)

This well-known procedure as a Liposuction is done in situations where there is a good condition of skin elasticity that localized the excess fat of the body. This is often performed in conjunction with mini or full Abdominoplasty procedure, to removed unwanted fat deposits and to enhanced overall contour of the hips, thighs, and waistline.


After the procedure, the patient will awaken gently in the recovery room from the anesthesia that was given before the procedure. The patient will usually feel the mild discomfort that can be controlled by a pain medication. When the patient is entirely awake the medical staff will transfer the patient into the aftercare facility or to the patient’s home with a responsible trained caregiver.

Recommendations for a Faster Recovery

• Have a short walk for a proper circulation of the body and to help facilitate deep breathing. If the patient can’t stand up straight, it would be better NOT to lay in bed nor sit for a long period of time after the Abdominoplasty Treatment.

• It is advice that the patient should wear a garment that supports the girdle in order to have a limit on swelling especially in fluid accumulation.

• The patient needs to make sure that he/she has a pillow under his/her knees.

• Avoiding from straining, bending and lifting will help the patient in preventing   the increase of swelling and bleeding or the disruption of the Abdominoplasty surgical part.

If the Patient has a strong abdominal muscles it can help the Patient to recover faster because he/she has a good physical condition.

Basic Breast Augmentation Procedures

“People often say that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves”. Salma Hayek

Does this quote sound all too familiar? Somehow this quote finds its home in our hearts. And if I could rephrase it further, a body enhancement like breast augmentation often ensues to an aura of being empowered…. and a liberating sense for a renaissance woman ! This very common outlook lies at the very centre of a woman ‘s psyche towards breast augmentation . So you might ask … What does breast augmentation mean? Breast augmentation is synonymous to breast enlargement or breast enhancement. As of 2012, it is one of the most popular plastic surgical procedures with over 300,000 women annually undergoing it– to change a part or portion of their breasts(ASPS). Since the nineteenth century, breast implants have been used to surgically augment the size, alter the shape, and boost the feel of a woman’s breasts.

This leads us to my second point which is the benefits of breast augmentation .Essentially, the aforementioned procedure is chosen and elected by many discerning women who either have for all time undersized breasts or who have lost breast volume due to their pregnancy and prolonged breast feeding. Having said this, there are also those patients who simply aspire for a bigger and better breast range. Herewith are the aforementioned benefits:

• Boosts self-image.
• Better self-confidence.
• Increased femininity
• Restoration of volume of breasts, same reason abovementioned in paragraph #3
• A heightened aura of physical attractiveness.
• Knack to wear an extra revealing outfit and swimwear

Moving forward! Let’s get familiarized with the basic breast augmentation procedures: After your surgeon administers anaesthesia , he will make an incision behind each breast to form a “little pouch like space within your breast tissues. The breast implants will then be cautiously placed in the pockets and aptly situated for most favourable appearance and proportion. After ensuring proper implant placement, your plastic surgeon will carefully close the incisions – usually with fine stitches to achieve better & well balanced bosoms. Please see the steps aforementioned herewith.

Step 1 – Medication with the use of Anesthesia
Step 2 – The cut or incision. Your surgeon will incise
behind the breast. This surgical process
usually takes about an hour or so.
Step 3 – Involves the placement of an implant and the
concealment of incisions
Step 4 – A Renewed You! Final result and after care. The
complete recovery process can take from two
weeks to a month.

For more interesting articles regarding Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Procedures visit Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Philippines website


Tummy Tuck Procedure: Read About the Benefits of Abdominoplasty and How It’s Done

It is rather an important need to pamper ourselves after months of slaving from a high octane work! Added to this are the pressures that our lives often get entangled to. But first things first!  We need to get abreast about the safest and newest approaches on aesthetic surgery to find out which one is the best for you!  A known writer and priest once said, “We don’t see that of which we do not have concept of.” tummy tuck benefits

Let’s start the ball rolling by familiarizing ourselves with one of the most commonly administered surgery procedure– the tummy tuck. This is defined by the Oxford Reference Dictionary as an aesthetic procedure which aims to provide a flatter, narrower abdomen by excising skin and excess fat, generally by using a lower slanting abdominal mark. Put simply, this surgical procedure, levels out your stomach/ abdomen by removing wobbly, excess fat and skin and slimming down your muscles thus making it tighter or firmer within the abdominal wall.

Benefits Of Having A Tummy Tuck

1. Enhanced Level of Confidence. The primary and most important benefit of a self enhancement procedure similar to tummy tuck is to reinforce the patient’s confidence and self-esteem by re-establishing a well enhanced and much proportioned frame.

2. Decrease or curtailment of stretch marks. Very near to the heart of post pregnancy stage is the elimination of stretch marks. And to date, this very unsettling concern can be medically treated by means of aesthetic surgery.

3. Elimination of floppy skin resulting to an improved body contour or body outline!
Aesthetic surgery has had a lot of amazing advancement and expanded to a number of modes of self-improvement in recent years that having a bulging tummy can be just a thing of the past ! A perfect body shape is within our reach here and now!

4.  A buoyant sense of suiting up daring & fitting clothes.
Suiting up in fashionable clothes is dramatically made real and facilitated with effortlessness considering you are fabulously renewed!

The Tummy Tuck Procedure

Overall, a comprehensive abdominoplasty adhere to the steps aforementioned below. It goes without saying that the procedure is performed under general anaesthesia.
• Firstly, a cut from hip to hip — just directly above the pubic area.
• Secondly, a new cut is made to open the tummy button from the neighbouring skin.
• Thirdly, the skin is meticulously separated from the abdominal wall to facilitate access to the muscles and the fascia to be made firmer.
• Last but not the least, just like any surgical procedure, a dressing is applied to collect superfluous fluid from the aforementioned area.

The final result is a new you! Give or take a week or two, you should be posing proud and fittingly poised with a renewed and trimmer body outline!!!

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